Stjern Entreprenør has signed for Onlet

In order to get a better overview of the internal leasing business in Stjern Entreprenør, the company has now signed an Onlet access agreement. With Onlet as an internal rental system, Business Central will receive ongoing basic information for invoicing the projects. In addition to the unique transparency, efficient resource management, simple project invoicing and export to Business Central, Stjern Entreprenør will now initially use the maintenance module and the Apps for delivery and reception. This is an exciting agreement that further strengthens Onlet’s good position in the contracting and rental industry in Trøndelag county. See the reference overview at this link.

Geir Vatnebryn starts with Onlet

With Onlet, Geir Vatnebryn AS gets the best conditions for operating efficient rental and service follow-up for the company’s rental machines. The fleet numbers 80 units and consists of excavators, dumpers, wheel loaders, rollers, and dozers. Intershare thanks you for your trust and hopes that this company also will have a clear and efficient everyday life with Onlet.

Wincar license to Uppsala

Rent-A-Wreck Uppsala has signed a license agreement with Intershare for the delivery of the car rental system Wincar right from the start. With Wincar as the rental system and almost 190,000 inhabitants in Uppsala, there should be the best conditions for the success of the Rent-A-Wreck concept in Uppsala. Intershare wishes you the best of luck with your venture.

Exciting new Onlet version launched

In the November version, currency handling has been introduced with a separate currency register, continuously updated with rates from Norges Bank. All reporting is still handled in local currency, while sales documents are issued in the customer’s preferred currency. The setup is implemented for currency accounts and your IBAN when invoicing in foreign currency.

If desired, the invoice module can now distribute electronic invoices to customers in other European countries via a new E-invoice format. If this is of interest, contact Intershare support to activate this service.

Functionality is introduced for all of you who use the discount templates in Onlet for efficient duplication of discount templates.

The access template register is improved, and the GPS module can now communicate with TrackUnit’s new API for handling their new KIN tags.

The Onlet team hopes the new functions will make everyday life even more efficient.

You can get more information about the news by contacting us at support (+47) 380 90 000 or

Leimax has signed for Onlet

Leimax has two departments, one centrally located just north of Alna in Oslo and the other located at Lade Arena outside Trondheim.

As part of the Onlet family, Leimax becomes one of around 120 companies that use Europe’s most modern rental solution. The functionality is specially adapted to operate efficiently and profitably.

Modern technology from both Onlet and Tripletex, we know, was decisive for the decision. The sales team thanks Leimax for choosing Onlet and we also especially thank those of our customers who have given reference statements in the assessment process.

Welcome to Onlet!

New Onlet agreement also in Sweden

Agder Gruppen has used Onlet since 2017. Agder Gruppen AB was established as a Swedish company in 2019. Ever since has the swedish fleet been managed via Onlet for the Norwegian company.

Now that Onlet is available in Swedish, the daughter company Agder Gruppen AB has decided to signup for their own Onlet database. The group is looking forward to a brigth future with a controlled and profitable growth now that Onlet is being used in both countries. Onlet is delivered in Swedish from day one.

We look forward to an exciting collaboration in Sweden as well.

Onlet well received in Denmark

The sales department is currently working on a number of demos for rental companies in Denmark. So far, it seems that Europe’s most modern and efficient rental system is well received by Danish machine rental companies. With a complete and modern rental solution that communicates seamlessly with ERP systems and telematics systems, Onlet becomes a powerful tool for optimizing operations and profit.

API integration to Microsoft 365 Business Central was completed in November, while API integration to Visma e-conomic will be launched in December. On the telematics side, Onlet is integrated with Trackunit, GSGroup and ABAX. In addition, integration with Kollektio is also planned.

There is great interest in Onlet’s transport module, which is scheduled to be launched in December. In the transport module, the parcel and return slips are connected to the transport vehicles. The transport module continuously communicates with the driver App, which is integrated with the delivery and return App.

If this sounds exciting, contact us on (+47) 380 90 000, send an e-mail to or order a demo at this link.

Onlet and Microsoft Business Central

With API integration between Onlet and Microsoft 365 Business Central, you get the best out of Onlet as a rental system by having the entire rental process and invoicing done in Onlet. The documents are automatically exported to Business Central for further follow-up and accounting needs. The first customer to use this new standard solution is Rental.One, a company that returned to Onlet earlier this autumn after a short period with competing software. Contact us on (+47) 380 90 000 for more information about Onlet and interaction with various third-party programs.

Akershus Maskinutleie starts with Onlet

Akershus Maskinutleie has a wide and comprehensive range for hire. The company rents out everything from construction machinery, lifts and height equipment, concrete equipment, lifts, lifting, moving, air tools, compression, light and electricity, cleaning machines, light houses, bilges and mud pumps, forest and garden tools, trailers, woodworking, trucks and mini cranes, supports and securing , heat and dehumidification, hand tools, aggregate and defrosting equipment. With the saying “we know what you need and when you need it”, the Onlet team is convinced that Europe’s most modern and efficient rental system will contribute to improved profitability. We thank you for your trust.

The development department is expanding

Brynjar Blomvik is employed as a full-stack web developer at Intershare. Besides a passion for programming, Brynjar is interested in music and sailing. The description of Brynjar as a quality-conscious team player who thrives on problem solving and a varied tasks are exciting characteristics when our industry-competent development department is now expanding. We look forward to Brynjar joining us, this will be exciting.

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