Akershus Maskinutleie starts with Onlet

It is with great pleasure that the sales department today can announce that Akershus Utleie at Skedsmokorset, has signed an Onlet access agreement for immediate onboarding.

Akershus Maskinutleie has a wide and comprehensive range for hire. The company rents out everything from construction machinery, lifts and height equipment, concrete equipment, lifts, lifting, moving, air tools, compression, light and electricity, cleaning machines, light houses, bilges and mud pumps, forest and garden tools, trailers, woodworking, trucks and mini cranes, supports and securing , heat and dehumidification, hand tools, aggregate and defrosting equipment. With the saying “we know what you need and when you need it”, the Onlet team is convinced that Europe’s most modern and efficient rental system will contribute to improved profitability. We thank you for your trust.

Visiting address
Kjøita 25, 3. etg.
4630 Kristiansand

Contact information
Telefon: (+47) 380 90 000
E-post: info@infobric.no

Postal address
Kjøita 25,
4630 Kristiansand,

The Register of Business Enterprises
NO 926 724 991 MVA