Exciting new Onlet version launched

The latest Onlet launch contains several comprehensive and valuable functions in demand by existing and potential customers in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Some are mentioned below.

In the November version, currency handling has been introduced with a separate currency register, continuously updated with rates from Norges Bank. All reporting is still handled in local currency, while sales documents are issued in the customer’s preferred currency. The setup is implemented for currency accounts and your IBAN when invoicing in foreign currency.

If desired, the invoice module can now distribute electronic invoices to customers in other European countries via a new E-invoice format. If this is of interest, contact Intershare support to activate this service.

Functionality is introduced for all of you who use the discount templates in Onlet for efficient duplication of discount templates.

The access template register is improved, and the GPS module can now communicate with TrackUnit’s new API for handling their new KIN tags.

The Onlet team hopes the new functions will make everyday life even more efficient.

You can get more information about the news by contacting us at support (+47) 380 90 000 or support@intershare.no

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