Cloud-based system for rental, inventory management and invoicing


The industry’s most modern and efficient rental solution.

Onlet – Modern rental system on the web that is currently used by the industry’s most profitable and forward-looking rental provider. Clear and smooth processes for you renting out machines and equipment, internally and externally.

Looking for a simpler rental experience?

  • Efficient processes and fast response time
  • Informative overview pages
  • High scalability and flexible modules
  • Access control of users/user groups
  • Platform independence
  • Delivery and Return App


Offer, order and invoice processing

  • Dynamic price matrices
  • Efficient offer and order management
  • Flexible management of client and project discounts
  • Clear collective invoicing per customer and/or customer project
  • Integration to finance/accounting

Take charge of your warehouse

  • High scalability in relation to department/warehouse structure
  • Handling of unique products and quantity equipment
  • Sale of equipment and materials


Full control of maintenance & service

Effectively perform annual checks and hour meter service, based on flexible checklists and integration with GPS provider.

Perform receipt inspection and send damage report, with photos, from our efficient Delivery and Receipt app. 

This is Onlet

More information

Standard functionality
  • Main pages
    • Effective order overview
    • Graphic display of unique products
    • Time-based presentation of inventory
    • Effective monitoring of offers, orders and products
  • Status management of order process
  • Status management of lending/rental process
  • Handling of sales products and discard sales
  • Packing slip, return slip and claim form
  • Contact register
    • Contact persons
    • Customer project
    • Customer discounts
  • Flexible group structure
  • Product register
    • Owned and leased products
    • Unique products
    • Quantity products
    • Personnel
    • Services
    • Products sets/product relations
  • Advanced price register for rent, sale and replacement
    • Day and 24h prices
    • Variable step prices (amount and time)
  • Corporation
    • Multiple companies in same database
    • Multiple departments and warehouses per company
    • Central maintenance of joint registers
  • Efficient invoicing (module)
    • Direct invoicing
    • Periodic order invoicing
    • Periodic collective invoicing
    • Periodic project invoicing
  • Settings
    • Company/department/warehouse/users
    • Multiple departments (module)
    • Several companies in a corporation (module)
  • Insurance management
  • Movable holidays
  • Access templates and rights management
  • Document and photo archive
  • Project management
    • Internal projects
    • Customer projects
    • Joint projects
  • Email solution
    • Order and invoice
    • Documents and attachments
  • Language management
  • Report generator
    • Standard reports and forms
    • Customer reports and forms
  • Invoicing
    • Direct invoicing
    • Periodic order invoicing
    • Periodic collective invoicing
    • Periodic project invoicing
    • e-faktura
  • Credit check of customers
  • Service and maintenance
  • GPS integrations for
  • Group
    • Several companies in the same database
    • Several departments and warehouses per company
    • Central maintenance of joint registers
  • Customer portal
  • Product catalog on the web
  • Delivery and Return App
    • Outbound and return handling from the app
    • Take photos
    • Electronic signing
    • Damage management
    • Integrated with Onlet
  • Toll Module (API)
    • Flytpass
    • Fremtind Service
  • Data warehouse with information blocks:
    • Basis (basic registers)
    • Order
    • Invoice
  • Scalable in relation to organizational structure and scope
  • Features for renting and selling bulk products, unique products, services and product sets
  • Handles both internal and external offers/orders, as well as periodic collective invoicing and project invoicing
  • Platform-independent and flexible solution that ensures effective integrations with 3rd party solutions
  • Module-based solution that is further developed in relation to requirements and needs. Contains, among other things, complete inventory management and maintenance/service module
  • Adapted to national and international markets
  • Energy
  • Contractor
  • Fleet management of cars
  • Machine rental
  • Module rental
  • Offshore
  • Scaffold
  • Traffic safety
  • Other markets

Modern and future-oriented technology from Microsoft

  • ASP.Net/C#/MVC
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • .NET 6
  • MSSQL Server
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