New Onlet agreement also in Sweden

Agder Gruppen is a total provider to the tunneling and construction industry and has grown in a short time to become a large and serious player in the market. The companies in Agder Gruppen have connected themself with the very best in each respective field and are constantly striving to deliver the best quality at all levels.

Agder Gruppen has used Onlet since 2017. Agder Gruppen AB was established as a Swedish company in 2019. Ever since has the swedish fleet been managed via Onlet for the Norwegian company.

Now that Onlet is available in Swedish, the daughter company Agder Gruppen AB has decided to signup for their own Onlet database. The group is looking forward to a brigth future with a controlled and profitable growth now that Onlet is being used in both countries. Onlet is delivered in Swedish from day one.

We look forward to an exciting collaboration in Sweden as well.

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