Onlet for the Danish lift and machine rental industry

At the end of August, Onlet was presented to a group of lift & machine hirers in Løgstør in Denmark. Onlet was very well received and just over a month later the sales department reports that the first Onlet access agreement has been signed.

It was Vesthimmerlands Maskinudlejning who signed the first Onlet agreement in the lift and machine rental industry in Denmark. VHMU, as they are popularly called, is located in rural surroundings in Løgstør by the Limfjorden. With a significant rental fleet and a broad product range, the company can be defined as a generalist.

With the slogan “Can’t you find here the equipment you’re missing”, there are great opportunities for Henrik Frederiksen and his energetic colleagues to provide the equipment that the customer needs. In addition to renting out machines and equipment, the company also offers the rental of vans with and without loading ramps.

Both parties have high expectations for the collaboration, this will be exciting. Work on system setup and preparations for commissioning will start immediately. Onlet is delivered in Danish from day one.

Thank you for believing in us, now it will be “Maximum efficient rental”, also in Denmark!

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