Become more efficient with Onlet Delivery and Return App


More and more Onlet customers are using our in-house developed Delivery and Return App.

The app is fully integrated with Onlet and handles all tasks related to delivery and return of products, including the ability to take photos, send damage reports, fill in checklists, as well as sign packing/return slip.


  • Customer/product/order search
  • Package slip/return slip search
  • Carousel with efficient access to your last edited orders, return notes and package notes
  • List of today’s deliveries 
  • List of scheduled deliveries
  • List of today’s returns
  • List of canceled orders

Order overview:

  • Lists orders that can be delivered or taken in return
  • Lists opp all return slips and package slips connected to an order
  • Option to close an order
  • Option to create a package slip or return slip

Package and return slip overview:

  • Update of general return slip/package slip information
  • Update information about a product on a return slip/package slip (quantity, remark, loss, damage)
  • Completion of checklists and option to set receipt control/delivery control to «done» (module for Service and Maintenance required)
  • Take photos that can be sendt by email alone or together with damage report, directly from app.
  • Handle related products
  • Add new sales products and services
  • Signing of packing/return slip

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